La Tomatina, a such waste of tomatoes!! – Week 9

La Tomatina is a traditional festival which has been happening in Spain since 1944 or 1945. The origin of the festival is still uncertain, however one of the most popular theories is that citizens of Bunol in Spain, were unhappy with the local council, therefore they began to attack the city councilmen with tomatoes during a town celebration.

If you wish to know more about the La Tomatina festival, please follow the link History

The story linked to the blog article Staged brawl, for what? covers the different opinion of a few Indian commentators regarding western festivals. These critics not only shared their ideas concerning these festivals, but also took the opportunity to compare it with the ones which happen in India.

The author begins the article with an observation of the La Tomatina festival on how hard is for one of the commentators Shashank to understand why this food waste festival can exist while in India people are suffering from hunger and poverty.

The author considers that western festivals are highly commercial.  He also mentions the Octoberfest and points out that now a day certain hotels and liquor brands use these festivals as an opportunity to advertise their brand. For the author is hard to comprehend why this event is so popular. Furthermore the different opinions included on the article adds value to it. However all these statement have negative views on western festivals.

The page from the Deccan Herald website has a picture at the beginning of the critique which might live readers curious to know what is happening with the man on the picture. An interesting feature regarding the page is the red line at the beginning, which runs different news and readers are able to click on the lines and be directed to different articles. Above the red line there are other titles, such as home, news, business, entertainment, sports and so on. On the right side of the page there is a video which unfortunately has nothing to do with the article, at the bottom of the page there is a place to leave comments.

I have to disagree with the author on his negative views regarding western festivals as I was left with the impression that he perceives these festivals in a negative manner due to his religion beliefs, which narrows his understanding and views on other culture’s ideals. In my point of view the author should try to understand why these festivals happen and how important they are for its citizens.


2 responses to “La Tomatina, a such waste of tomatoes!! – Week 9”

  1. Adam Wise says :

    This is a really interesting post. My brother is in Spain at the moment and he went to La Tomatina. He loves tomatoes but even he felt sick because of the smell of it – he said it smelt like they were off or something (if that’s possible?).

    I agree with the author in that it seems like such a huge waste of tomatoes and the fact that this goes on when there are starving people in India definitely resonated with me. On the other hand though, I agree with you – his beliefs tend to get in the way.

  2. kate bonsack says :

    What an interesting festival and article. I agree we shouldn’t waste food, no matter where we are in the world. But it happens. I don’t see any other problem in a festival being celebrated in another country as it is good I think to share cultures so it breaks down cultural barriers.

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