The Monkey Buffet Festival – Sacred Animal! – Week 8

The Monkey Buffet Festival is held annually in Lopburi -Thailand  to promote the tourism. The festival includes giving more than 3,000 kg of fruits and vegetables to the local monkey population.

If you wish to know more about The Monkey Buffet Festival, please follow the link Monkey Buffet Festival :: Lopburi, Thailand

The story linked to the blog article Thailand Celebrates Annual Monkey Festival is a summary of The Monkey Buffet Festival. It state what happens during the event and describes how it became, in a very short manner.

The article from NBC is very short and in my point of view, it lacks information. The author should have taken the opportunity to inform more about it, perhaps summarize the festival’s history, describe with more extend what happens during the event, those involved, the religious connection, include engaging pictures and a more interesting video.

At the beginning of the article there is link to click which says “more”. I was expecting it would lead me to another page with more information regarding the festival, but instead I was transferred to another page containing a short and uninteresting video.

The video linked to the article is badly recorded, showing images of monkeys eating. In the video there is not a reporter to explain what is happening and the interview at the end is short and boring. Furthermore before the video begins, there is a short advertisement for kids which have nothing to do with the subject.

There are so many distracting advertisements around the page. Moreover these advertisements do not have any connection with the festival. Probably they should have included travel advertisements in order to make it more attractive and to build certain connection with the main subject.

It is clear that the website is purely commercial, rather than informative. From being an article from the NBC website, a large American commercial broadcasting television network and former radio network I was expecting much more.

In my point of view this page fails badly. Those involved with this piece of information should definitely re-write the article and restructure the website page.


2 responses to “The Monkey Buffet Festival – Sacred Animal! – Week 8”

  1. Rosa WONG says :

    The Travel Guide’s entry is more more interesting than the other one. totally agree with your analysis of the NBC’s news. i think the Travel Guide’s photos are very colorful and attractive andi also found the text is more informative as well. I, personally hate monkey, but this is an interesting piece of information which really opens up my eyes (OVO)

  2. yanjiewang2011mdia5003 says :

    That sounds really intersting. Your analysis is detailed and carefully. Also, I really like monkeys because of all of monkeys smart and response quikly. Very intersting topic.

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