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The Hadaka Matsuri! Let’s get naked! – Week 10

The Hadaka Matsuri is a Japanese festival in which participants wear only a Japanese loincloth (fundoshi), sometimes with a short coat and rarely fully naked.

The Hadaka Matsuri dates back 500years when worshipers battled for paper talismans called Go-o thrown by the priest. As those who had the talisman had good things happening in their life, the popularity of the Go-o has increased. However, as paper was easily torn, the talismans were changed to the wooden ofuda that we know today.

If you wish to know more about The Hadaka Matsuri festival, please follow the link Hadaka Matsuri

The story linked to the blog article Hadaka Matsuri – Naked Festival begins with the author asking how you would feel to participate in a festival almost naked during one of the coldest days in Japan. She also mentions that participants keep themselves warm by drinking sake to please the goods and purify their body, jump up and down and sing “Washoi” non-stop for hours at a time.

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La Tomatina, a such waste of tomatoes!! – Week 9

La Tomatina is a traditional festival which has been happening in Spain since 1944 or 1945. The origin of the festival is still uncertain, however one of the most popular theories is that citizens of Bunol in Spain, were unhappy with the local council, therefore they began to attack the city councilmen with tomatoes during a town celebration.

If you wish to know more about the La Tomatina festival, please follow the link History

The story linked to the blog article Staged brawl, for what? covers the different opinion of a few Indian commentators regarding western festivals. These critics not only shared their ideas concerning these festivals, but also took the opportunity to compare it with the ones which happen in India.

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The Monkey Buffet Festival – Sacred Animal! – Week 8

The Monkey Buffet Festival is held annually in Lopburi -Thailand  to promote the tourism. The festival includes giving more than 3,000 kg of fruits and vegetables to the local monkey population.

If you wish to know more about The Monkey Buffet Festival, please follow the link Monkey Buffet Festival :: Lopburi, Thailand

The story linked to the blog article Thailand Celebrates Annual Monkey Festival is a summary of The Monkey Buffet Festival. It state what happens during the event and describes how it became, in a very short manner.

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