The Love Parade became The Tragic Parade – Week 7

The Love Parade was a popular dance/electronic music festival of Germany.

The first parade happened in West Berlin, becoming an annual event. From 2006 to 2010 the event was held in the Ruhr region.

On 24 July 2010, a crowd rush caused the death of 19 people and at least 342 others were injured. Due to this tragic incident, festival organizers cancelled the event permanently.

If you wish to know more about The Love Parade history, please follow the link Love Parade

The story linked to the blog article 19 dead in Love Parade stampede relates what happened during the 2011 Love Parade, where 19 people were killed and at least 342 others were injured.

The author states that after the tragic accident many people were still partying as they had no idea what had just happened. Furthermore the article describes how difficult it was for the rescue team to go through the crowd in order to help those who were injured.

According to the police the victims were trampled to death in an underpass connecting a railway goods yard where the partygoers assembled to the parade ground itself.

Due to the hard access, helicopters were send to the local of the incident, transferring the seriously injured to hospital.

I found the article interesting and easy to read. The statements included on the story are very powerful as witnesses describe exactly what and how it happened, making it even more appealing.

Two related stories have been included on the middle of the article. I particularly enjoyed these extra pieces of information, although in my point of view, they should have been included at the end of the story, as some people might not want to go back to the middle of the page to read it or they might not even remember there were articles linked to the main story.

On the right hand side of the article there are other news from Germany, an easy tool used to guide readers to other pages. It might be a great feature, as those who read what happened in Germany, might also be interested in other news from the country.

I enjoyed the article and in my opinion the accident has happened due to a poor event planning.  Event organizers should had designed a more effective risk management plan, which would had helped them to identify, evaluate the likelihood, plan and deal with potential risks.


3 responses to “The Love Parade became The Tragic Parade – Week 7”

  1. yanjiewang2011mdia5003 says :

    that is interesting to read. and people will also to attrected by the news because of it is very relevant to our lives.

  2. Rosa WONG says :

    I like your blog title, which really draw my attention 🙂 it is so sad that a festival become such a tragedy…and I do agree with you analysis. I think the article is easy to read. Also, I like the “related Pieces”, especially the photo with the crushed sunglasses, I think the author should put it in the besides the article (or at the end of the article as you said) instead of putting them as a hyperlink.

  3. Wang Weihang says :

    The editor breaks this story into many short paragraphs, which makes the audiences easier to read. Also,the editor puts a video there to support the story.I think this could make a strong impression to the audiences.But I suggest to put some images there as well,because sometimes the audiences do not have much time to watch the video. Um…I agree with Rosa that you’ve made a good title, which is very clear to tell us the main point of your blog.

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