The Melbourne Cup; Synonymous of Alcohol and Inappropriate behaviour – Week 5

The Melbourne Cup is considered the major Thoroughbred horse race in the world. The first race occurred in 1861 and was initially held over 3,218 metres, in 1972 the current race of 3, 200 was established. The race is the most prestigious and richest “two mile” handicap and turf race in the world and it is known as “The Race that Stops a Nation”. The event is so important for the Melbourne community that is public holiday in the metropolitan Melbourne. The competition happens at around 3pm on the first Tuesday in November. The event is organised by the Victoria Racing Club, and held on the Flemington Racecourse in Melbourne. If you wish to know more about The Melbourne Cup, please follow the link The Melbourne Cup – Carnival 2011

The story linked to the blog article Ladies Day: alcohol poisioning, sunburn and regret critics how badly the majority of women behaves and acts during the Spring Racing Carnival, an event which became for anyone who wants to get boozed and grab an eyeful of the opposite sex.

The author points out on how humiliating is to watch how poorly dressed these “ladies” are and how terrible is the large amount of alcohol consumed by them. She also comments on the countless reports breakfast television segments and images of women holding a bottle of sparkling and yelling with joy in a very inappropriate manner. Furthermore she compares their unacceptable behavior to the reality show “Ladettes to Lady”; a series which follows a group of badly behaved young women who are given an old-fashioned five-week course in learning how to act like a traditional “lady”. The writer states how dignified the past-time was where grace and elegance were a strong attribute of the Spring Race Carnival, nothing comparing with the today’s disgraceful behavior.

 The website contains many features available to its readers. At the begging of the story, there is a nice video from the Sunday Age reporter Melissa Kent explaining how to behave and what to avoid at the race track. On the top right hand side and at the end of the story it is possible to click on other links which guide the reader to related articles and videos. Another interesting feature is the space left at end of the article which gives the readers the opportunity to leave their comment.

The article is very interesting as it confronts that nice image that the majority of people have regarding the Spring Race Carnival, as an event where women are tall, beautiful, elegant, wear amazing hats and dresses, an event which is synonymous of elegance and the attendees are people with manners and members of the high society.


6 responses to “The Melbourne Cup; Synonymous of Alcohol and Inappropriate behaviour – Week 5”

  1. Wang Weihang says :

    Because of the great influence of Melbourne cup, the horses that win the 1st prize in the race, will naturally be the Australian national pets.
    In April 1932, the horse named Phar Lap, which won the victory in 1930 Melbourne Cup died in American game because of poisoning.The news drove the whole Australia into a sad, and the topic of Phar Lap lasted a long time.

  2. bnaimet01 says :

    Hi Mariana,

    The article you have written is pretty good. I would say though, that I’d break up the paragraph into smaller ones, as it looks quite daunting to look at (too much info in one hit).

    If you break the article into smaller paragraphs I think it will read even better than it does.

    The public holiday in Melbourne is also extended to other regional parts of Victoria.

    Meetings are held in regional parts of Victoria, and whatever town or city that doesn’t hold a race meeting, has the public holiday.

    Federal public servants throughout Victoria also have the public holiday.



  3. Adam Wise says :

    This is a fairly common thing in Australia. Most people just go to the races to get drunk, it’s not just limited to the Melbourne Cup and it’s not just limited to women. I’d say that about 20% of the people who go to the races actually go for the race.

    I also agree with Basil. Your blog is good but could do with some formatting.

  4. Rosa WONG says :

    I like this article. It is fun and humorous. And I like the video embedded within the article as well. Thanks for sharing this information which let me know more about Australia’s culture 🙂

  5. yanjiewang2011mdia5003 says :

    I have heared from the online about this. The impact of Melborne cup is huge and I also like it very much. The information you mentioned on the blog is useful and valuable. Thank you

  6. bonnykate2 says :

    I lived in Melbourne for 27 years and never went to the Melbourne Cup because over the years it has become known to be a place where people (not everyone) goes to get drunk and pick up. So if that’s what you’re looking for, it would be a good time. I liked this article that you chose and I found the readers comments to be very interesting. It was an article that wasn’t afraid to tell it how it is and I appreciate honesty.

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