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The Love Parade became The Tragic Parade – Week 7

The Love Parade was a popular dance/electronic music festival of Germany.

The first parade happened in West Berlin, becoming an annual event. From 2006 to 2010 the event was held in the Ruhr region.

On 24 July 2010, a crowd rush caused the death of 19 people and at least 342 others were injured. Due to this tragic incident, festival organizers cancelled the event permanently.

If you wish to know more about The Love Parade history, please follow the link Love Parade

The story linked to the blog article 19 dead in Love Parade stampede relates what happened during the 2011 Love Parade, where 19 people were killed and at least 342 others were injured.

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The Running of the Bulls – Tradition or Cruelty? – Week 6

The Running of the Bulls is a tradition on which bulls are released on a course of a sectioned-off subset of a town’s streets to run behind thousands of people. The most popular running of the bulls happens in Sanfermines, Spain, in honour of San Fermín in Pamplona. The event takes 7 days and officially begins at midday on 7th July every year. If you wish to know more about The Running of the Bulls, please follow the link Pamplona Bull Run (San Fermin).

The story linked to the blog article A Brief History of the Running of the Bulls begins summarizing The Running of the Bulls’ history; when it happens, where and how it happens.

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The Melbourne Cup; Synonymous of Alcohol and Inappropriate behaviour – Week 5

The Melbourne Cup is considered the major Thoroughbred horse race in the world. The first race occurred in 1861 and was initially held over 3,218 metres, in 1972 the current race of 3, 200 was established. The race is the most prestigious and richest “two mile” handicap and turf race in the world and it is known as “The Race that Stops a Nation”. The event is so important for the Melbourne community that is public holiday in the metropolitan Melbourne. The competition happens at around 3pm on the first Tuesday in November. The event is organised by the Victoria Racing Club, and held on the Flemington Racecourse in Melbourne. If you wish to know more about The Melbourne Cup, please follow the link The Melbourne Cup – Carnival 2011

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