The Woodstock Music and Art Fair – Peace and Love in the air – Week 4

The Woodstock Music and Art Fair Woodstock was a three day rock festival that took place on a farm located near Woodstock, New York in 1969. The most popular music event in history was attended by members of the countercultures, often referred as hippies. These people were often characterized as those who were against authority, materialism and the Vietnam War, supporters of the civil rights and experimented with sex and illegal drugs.


If you wish to know more about The Woodstock Music and Art Fair, please follow the link The Woodstock Festival of 1969

The article, The big picture: Woodstock festival, 1969 The big picture: Woodstock festival, 1969 questions the idea of the festival being perceived as a peaceful event attended by thousands of people sharing diplomatic views.

In general the event is indentified as a peaceful one where people were united to protest against the cruelties of the world, materialism, authority and war. Furthermore it was perhaps an opportunity for those people to support the idea that everyone should be treated equally, have the same rights and live in a united world.

Despite this image reflected by the Woodstock, the author of the article claims that the real reason why people have attended the festival was to radically avoid the global issues which were happening at that time and not to protest against the injustices of the world as everyone believes.

In order to support his argument, the author brings up a successful documentary of the festival which was released in 1970. In the author’s point of views the documentary was an indirect way of telling the world that the Woodstock was a festival for the white people.

Furthermore he points out the “incident” regarding the black singer Jimi Hendrix’s performance, which was expected to be held on Sunday night and should have provided the Sunday-night climax, but end up happening on Monday morning and was attended by one-third of the audience.

The article contains a picture which gives a peaceful feeling, an idea which marks the highpoint of the hippie era. On the right side of the page there are links which leads the reader to related articles and videos.

In my point of view the way the author judges the event is very radical. I was left with the impression that he interprets it as an event for the white people who in reality did not really care about civil rights at all. His thoughts are very personal and generic; probably he should have studied other possibilities why things had happened in a such way.


4 responses to “The Woodstock Music and Art Fair – Peace and Love in the air – Week 4”

  1. Wang Weihang says :

    Although haven’t seen the link of the article, I could think it’s a clear and logical article from your discription. Also, the author brings up a successful documentary of the festival as an evidence of the article and the festival, which makes it convincing. Well, I do like the photo on the top. I could feel their passion and hapiness~~

  2. Rosa WONG says :

    I think the article present in quite a logical way and which is quite convincing as well. So, I believe this is a sucessful story. Also, I like the tag line on the page and the photo as well; which I think these materials really support what the article said.

  3. Francesca Gazzola says :

    I thought this article was much shorter than I expected it to be! The discussion seems to have a few complexities to it as far as offering an alternative perception of the Woodstock Festival compared to what the stereotypical perspective is (well, at least my possible naive understanding of it is – all peace and love and hippies etc) and I would have liked to have read more about this. I wish the writer had explored the issue of the racial tension and lack of representation of black audience members a little more thoroughly, however, the article did certainly pique my interest in finding out a little more about this event. The use of the authentic photograph was great – very attention grabbing!

  4. bonnykate2 says :

    It’s an interesting angle that the author toook on about Woodstock. I feel he has some kind of anger towards woodstock and wanted to vent about it. His claims I think are unsubstantiated, but nonetheless I thnink the article was a good choice for your blog as it brought in an angle that I had never seen before. It’s good to see that so many years after the event that it still gets talked about in the media … must be the most popular festival of all time.

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